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The Thumb Zone & Accessibility

It’s important to be aware of how your users hold their phones & where their fingers can reach on the screen. This is key in design an accessible, easy to use app. Especially with screens only getting larger & larger. This is why bottom placement of navigation, actions, & tabs are becoming more popular.

  • Users focus & prefer to touch the center of the screen

  • 75% touch the screen w/ one thumb only

  • Less than 50% hold their phone w/ one hand

  • 10% hold their phone in one hand & tap w/ a finger of the other hand

Thumb Zone. Based on average screens of 300px x 600px

Create a hierarchy of content & controls based on where users look & their reach comfortability

When using mobile devices, users are typically on the goal, which is why it’s so important to make sure your Power Apps are designed for accessibility. Test out your app’s accessibility by using it with one hand & thumb.



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